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Ana María Pujante Mora Friday 3 March is World Wildlife Day, a day to celebrate the existence of wildlife on the planet and to raise awareness of its importance and the need to protect it. This year also marks the[...]

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Birds of the Serranía and dependent flora

Ana María Pujante Mora On Saturday 19 November a conference on the interrelationship between plants and birds was organised at Big History, which was attended by more than 40 people. The speakers were Emilio Laguna (botanist) and Pedro Del Baño[...]

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The pollinating insects: essentials

Ana María Pujante Mora Since plants cannot move, they have developed mechanisms of reproduction by spreading pollen to other plants. To do this, they have established very close relationships with many animals, mainly insects, which help them transmit their genetic[...]

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June 5 is World Environment Day

Ana María Pujante Mora Since 1974, the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) has tried to create, with the celebration of this day, a great world platform that makes visible the serious environmental problems of the planet: global warming and desertification,[...]

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