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Astrotourism training course for teachers

Astrotourism training course for teachers


Susana Llorens Cubel

The course “ASTROTURISMO: propuestas e iniciativas en clave valenciana” (ASTROTOURISM: proposals and initiatives in a Valencian key) organised by CEFIRE of FP of Valencia will take place in our centre on the 12th and 13th of May. From the venue of the Big History Centre in Aras de los Olmos, participants will be able to learn from professionals in the field the meaning of astrotourism and the possibilities offered by this attractive alternative to traditional tourism both from a recreational point of view as well as from the point of view of knowledge and science.

The Big History Centre of Aras de los Olmos is located in an area that has been accredited as a Starlight Reserve and as a Starlight Tourist Destination, a double award that certifies the astronomical quality of this territory and allows it to deploy various tourist initiatives with full guarantees of success.

Throughout the course, different topics will be addressed, including: what astrotourism is, what light pollution is and how it affects ecosystems and human health, what astrotourism initiatives exist in the Alto Turia region, how the Alto Turia Tourist Office is managed and how it works, without forgetting the importance of astrotourism and the need to incorporate it into the curriculum of the Vocational Training cycle in Hotel Management and Tourism. Likewise, attendees will be able to make direct observations with telescopes and other high-performance instruments.

Finally, within the course timetable, participants can also enjoy other experiences of scientific and environmental knowledge: visit some of the astronomical facilities of the region, the Planetarium Los Ojos de Hipatia, the Ecomuseum, the historical-artistic and natural heritage, the Losillasaurus House…

We encourage all of you who are interested in learning more about the new alternatives to traditional tourism and, in particular, about astronomical tourism, to register for this training course.

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