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Biodiversity Training Course for Teachers

Biodiversity Training Course for Teachers


Susana Llorens Cubel

The next 21st and 22nd of April will take place in our centre the course “Educating in Biodiversity” organised by CEFIRE of FP of Valencia. From the headquarters of the Big History Centre in Aras de los Olmos, participants will be able to learn from professionals in the field about the meaning and scope of this concept. Biodiversity is of vital importance for everyone, also for nature, as its knowledge and respect will allow us to better understand our role in the ecosystem in which we are inserted and, ultimately, will motivate us to protect and conserve it.

The course will cover topics such as ways of measuring biodiversity at different levels, biodiversity in the Sustainable Development Goals, spatial and temporal patterns of biodiversity, among others. Not forgetting the incorporation of biodiversity in the curriculum of the different educational stages (Compulsory Secondary Education and Basic Vocational Training).

Apart from the course timetable, participants can enjoy other experiences of scientific and environmental knowledge offered by the Big History Centre and the municipality: the Planetarium Los Ojos de Hipatia, atronomical observations, the Ecomuseum, the historical-artistic and natural heritage, the House of Losillasaurus

We encourage all of you who are concerned about environmental protection, the functioning of ecosystems and the intrinsic and cultural value of biodiversity to register for this training course.

All the information is available at the following link:


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