Big History




A river of stars


Flora Microreserves
The largest protected area in the Valencian Region
Route of the Iberians
One of the thirteen Valencian municipalities that make it up
RuralTec Hub
First Spanish hub for innovation and entrepreneurship in the rural world
Starligth Reserve
Aras de los Olmos, the best place to observe and enjoy the stars
The Losillasaurus
The largest dinosaur in the Valencia Region.
Ethnobotanical Garden
National prize for environmental initiatives
Natural heritage
UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
La Travina Honey
National Beekeeping Award
Views of Cerro Calderón
The highest mountain in the Valencia Region
LED Technology and AMBAR PC Light
First village in the Valencian Region to apply this state-of-the-art technology
Dry Stone Constructions
Intangible Heritage of Humanity
Corner balcony
Unique in the Valencia Region
Santolina Chamaecyparissus x rosmarinifolia
Unique variety in the Valencia Region
Llanos de Titaguas wine
Golden Nose Award Finalist
Music and the Band
Intangible Heritage of Humanity
    Aras de los Olmos
    First municipality in Spain to be totally self-sufficient in renewable energies
    Recognised success story
    International Congress of Mayors & Innovation
    Big History’s Logo
    Bronze medal for the best logo in the world at the WOLDA 2022 awards
    Mural Echoes of the Elm
    Its author, Olympic Medal of Fine Arts
    The Ecomuseum
    A great story to tell
    Its people
    And a long river of shining stars