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Aras en Flor (Aras in Bloom)

Aras en Flor is an initiative that fills the streets and squares of the town centre with gardens for three months -May, June and July.

Based on a contest jointly organised with the Spanish National Association of Landscapers, the winning designs are recreated in numerous corners of the town by the local residents, who maintain them to the delight of passers-by in another example of communal and participatory management.

These gardens combine seasonal plants and flowers – lavender, petunias or begonias, shrubs, or small potted trees – with local materials –cut branches of juniper or Juniperus thurifera (Spanish juniper) esparto grass or trunks– to form spaces full of charm and beauty.

By the other, Aras de los Olmos is the village with main surface protected by Microrreservas de Flora of the Comunitat Valenciana, a true jewel of sensibility, beauty and sustainability for the valencians.