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Astronomical Observation Courses and Workshops

The Big History Center programs every weekend Courses and workshops of Astronomical Observation in which the interested party can enjoy scheduled content, as the case may be, in the morning, afternoon and evening hours:

  • Presentation of the Big History Project.
  • 360° Digital Planetarium Session.
  • Interpretation of the night sky with astronomical laser.
  • Observation of the visible stars in the season of the current year, with high performance telescopes.

The prices of these courses and workshops:

  • Over 14 years old: €15.27 (€15 + management fees)
  • Between 6 and 14 years old: €7.64 (€7.5 + management fees)
  • Children under 6 years: €2.04 (€2 + management fees)

To consult the available courses and, where appropriate, book: Calendar, Reservation and Purchase of Tickets