Big History




The great challenges of the future - Health and Wellbeing

Children and Youth

The health and wellbeing of our children and young people is also especially cared for at Aras de los Olmos from an integral perspective of human life. In these stages of our development many of the habits that will characterise our lives in the future are formed.

The aim of the Big History Centre is to socialise healthy attitudes and behaviour –solidarity, empathy, regular physical exercise, reading, enjoyment of music and artistic expressions, knowledge of our body, cultivation of our creativity– that accustom us from a very young age to take care of our health and to engage in sporting practices that strengthen our daily balance and well-being.

To this end, the Big History project actively collaborates with the childcare services and youth policies promoted by the City Council, as well as with the Youth Association of Aras de los Olmos, ASOJU.