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The great challenges of the future - Ecology and the Environment

Ecological awareness

Aras de los Olmos siempre ha sido consciente de la importancia y del valor de su medio natural. La pérdida de árboles emblemáticos, primero, y el acoso de las

Aras de los Olmos has always been aware of the importance and value of its natural environment. The loss of emblematic trees, first, and the harassment of mining companies in search of precious kaolin, later, provoked a civic reaction that did not hesitate to demonstrate in support of its natural environment.

This tradition continues today, encouraging a proactive culture in favour of environmentalism: exhibitions, talks, recycling and waste treatment policies, the fight against light pollution, citizen and public reforestation actions, the implementation of renewable energies, etc.

Successful policies that are well represented in the efforts of the youngest children in the town to win, thanks to the massive collection of batteries for recycling, the award for the best environmentally conscious school in the province.