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Gestión sostenible del agua

Sustainable water management

The supply of water to the population and to our fields and industries in sufficient quantity and quality is of vital importance for life and public health and to ensure a sustainable generation of wealth in the future. Ensuring a constant supply of safe and clean water requires public intervention in each of the phases of the supply system, from delivery to the final point of consumption. And this intervention, today more than ever, must be governed by the principles of good planning, the shared responsibility of all and the sustainability of the system.

Big History Center is working on ecological awareness about the responsible use of water through dissemination and training actions – the 5th edition 2022: Water Management and Heritage of the UVAO is a good example – and we are promoting research projects – the APP fuentesdearas, among other projects – that ensure a better knowledge of the needs of our rural environment in terms of water management and heritage.