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Los grandes retos del futuro - Ecología y Medioambiente

Esquema de contaminación lumínica.

Good light management

One of the greatest sources of pollution on our planet is that produced by the artificial lighting of terrestrial environments inhabited by humans. The excess of light in the streets, the poor installation of the luminaires and the inadequate colors used are evils that must be eradicated.

Much of the light escapes upwards generating an unnecessary economic cost –up to a third in road lighting–; causing the disruption of the life cycles of animal and plant life –it seriously harms the health of human beings–; and accelerating the increase of brightness in the sky –it prevents its enjoyment, its observation for research purposes and astrotourism as a source of wealth.

The preservation of the good state of the skies depends on a joint effort that should begin with the big cities, but that commits us all. Aras de los Olmos, with university advice, is committed to that goal, enjoys one of the least polluting luminaires in the world and, since 2017, has been reaping recognitions from the Starlight Foundation that certify the quality of its sky.

In 2016, light points with LED technology and AMBAR PC type light were installed, a low-consumption and environmentally friendly lighting system. Aras de los Olmos was the first municipality in the Valencian Community to apply this cutting-edge technology. A clear commitment to the environment, the neighborhood and tourism, especially astronomy that has made Aras de los Olmos a municipality of reference and pioneer in public lighting.