Big History




Opening hours and visits

Free admission hours

Some spaces have opening and closing times.

Los Ojos de Hipatia Planetarium

  • Thursday friday and saturday: 18:30–00:30, previous hiring of the activity.
  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday: on request

The Ecomuseum

  • Saturday: 11:00h-14:00h / 18:00h-20:00h
  • Sunday: 11:00h-14:00h
  • From Tuesday to Friday 11.00-14.00h on request


Under consultation.

The Etnobotanical Garden

  • From Monday to Sunday: 08:00–22:00 (free admission).

The Losillasaurus House

  • From Monday to Sunday: 08:00–22:00 (free admission).

Admission is free at these times.
Exceptions to this rule are activities scheduled by the Center, personalized visits (the rules are detailed below) and visits to Astronomical Observatories (consult the reference web page of the different Observatories).

Scheduled activities: Fees, Reservation and Ticket Purchase

The programmed activities can be – it is announced with the activity – free or for a fee. In this second case, the price includes:

  • Presentation of the Big History Project.
  • 360° Digital Planetarium Session.
  • Interpretation of the night sky with astronomical laser.
  • Observation of the visible stars in the season of the current year, with high performance telescopes.


  • Over 14 years old: €15.27 (€15 + management fees)
  • Between 6 and 14 years old: €7.64 (€7.5 + management fees)
  • Children under 6 years: €2.04 (€2 + management fees)

If you want to close the registration for a programmed activity by the Big History Center, free or with payment, you have to reserve and buy on the Calendar, Reservation and Ticket Purchase page. Keep in mind that the capacity of most of the organized activities is limited and places are filled in order of ticket reservation in the page link  Calendar, Reservation and Ticket Purchase.

Personalized visits

Different types of guided tours can be arranged: individual, group or school.
These guided tours can be any day of the week depending on availability of guides.

To arrange a visit fill in the following form:

    Reservation Type

    Places to visit