Big History




Los orígenes del Universo

Permanent exhibition of night photography

The Big History building permanently houses the photography exhibition “When the trees sleep” by the artist and photographer from Castellón Lluís Ibàñez Melià. This photographic series, commissioned and donated by the Ateneu Natura in Castelló de la Plana, reflects on the landscape and the interaction between people and space. The collection portrays a set of monumental trees with their own name from the inland Valencian mountains, especially from Tinença de Benifassà, in a nocturnal environment where the stars are fellow protagonists that frame this precious natural heritage: the Ginero juniper (Juniperus oxycedrus), the Salpasser Pine (Pinus nigra Subsp. Salzmanni), the Noguer del Mas de Pau (Juglans regia) or the Paig Pare (Fagus sylvatica), among others.

The leisurely tour of the exhibition takes us to another world, which is ours, but away from the stress and excess light of our big cities. “This sky, which nothing more beautiful the nature has produced, this soul that contemplates and admires it…” wrote Seneca two thousand years ago. The beauty of these images – evocative of those that the philosopher contemplated – will surely make us travel to the place where people find themselves with dreams and, trapped by their splendor and magnificence, we will want to reconnect with nature and the universe that, so far and so close, just a step away from our lives, surrounds and welcomes us.