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Logo de: Congreso Intrncacional Smart Villages.

Smart Villages International Congres

From the Fundación El Olmo and with the collaboration of public entities – different instances of the Generalitat Valenciana and public universities of the Community – and civil society – Casa del Mediterráneo, Fundación Asociación de Ciudadanas y Ciudadanos del Mediterráneo, …– we promote the biannual organization of an International Congress on Smart Villages –the First Congress was held on 20, 21 and 22 October 2022– in order to extend in our country a model of rural development that articulates an intelligent system of communication and public and private management based on new information and communication technologies (ICT), Big Data (BD) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

We want a model of development of Smart Villages that serves the needs and concerns of all the actors involved in the rural territory and, specifically, in our municipality, Aras de los Olmos: farmers, ranchers, self-employed services, entrepreneurs in general, public administrations, large companies operating communication networks, companies in general in the ICT sector, research centers, universities, social dynamization entities that make up the social fabric of the rural territory and all interested people.