Big History




The Earth and Life

The animal world

The loss of biodiversity is one of the major environmental problems for today’s society. One million species of the eight million existing are in danger of extinction; in large part, due to the action of the human being. Of the 85,000 species present in our country, 6,000 are at risk.

Knowledge and awareness of the importance of the value of life on the planet is one of the aims of the Big History Centre. To this end, in addition to informative exhibitions, specific routes have been designed throughout the municipality that allow visitors to explore its rich zoological heritage: Hispanic goats, mouflons, roe deer, deer, eagles, hawks, owls of several types (including the brown owl), wood pigeons, sparrow hawks and animals of all kinds, from squirrels and shrews to trout, barbels and kingfishers, otters, magpies, frogs, bees and woodpeckers.