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The Arabs, the Cortijo Tower and the walls of the town wall

The Arabs left a deep imprint on the customs and traditions of this land, and also on its rich historical and artistic heritage. We can recreate their painstaking care in the art of controlling water, working the land and occupying the territory. In Aras de los Olmos, the Torre del Cortijo and part of the old walls that surrounded the town particularly stand out.

The Torre del Cortijo, a pillar of that Arab fortification probably built in the time of the Alpuente Taifa (“kings of the territorial divisions” or “party kings”), is more than ten metres high and was built with the practically indestructible technique of rammed earth. Functionally, it allowed control of the perimeter surrounding the town centre and served as a refuge in the event of war or conflict. Even today, when entering from the Ecomuseum, you can still see and feel practically the same landscapes that the town’s Arab watchmen of the time saw and felt.