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The first hominids: Peña de las Cruces

One of the routes designed by the Ecomuseum allows us to relive the footsteps of our prehistoric ancestors. The river Arcos marks the limits of Aras de los Olmos with neighbouring Aragón and close to the river, through different paths, we can get through the Escaiz ravine to the Peña de las Cruces, a rocky wall whose name derives from the cross shape of the ochre paintings left by the first known human inhabitants of these lands.

These prehistoric paintings, together with those of the Rincón del Tío Escribano in neighbouring Titaguas, take us back to the first steps of our species in the world and tell us about the importance of cave art in the beginnings of our civilisation. Standing before these paintings immediately provokes a host of questions about their meaning in the life of those first hominids: simple pictorial representation, terrain markers, magical-religious rites, symbols of power?