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The House of Losillasaurus

The Serranía mountain range hides one of the greatest palaeontological treasures in Spain. Millions of years ago, hundreds of giant animal species inhabited what are now the inland mountains of the Valencian Community, leaving their perennial mark on them.

In 1991, in Losilla de Aras, the village of Aras de los Olmos, the largest dinosaur in the Valencian Community was discovered: the Losillasaurus, which was more than twenty metres long and more than eight metres high, and weighed thirty tonnes.

At the Big History Centre we can currently enjoy the life-size replica that for a time headed the “Our Dinosaurs” Exhibition at the City of Arts and Sciences Museum in Valencia. In addition to other replicas, we can also enjoy an extraordinary collection of palaeontological remains and palaeontological routes that help us to understand and get to know the world in which dinosaurs lived.

In addition, very close to Aras de los Olmos, you can also enjoy the Paleontological Museum of Alpuente, located in this town, which brings together a magnificent collection of dinosaur bones and has been proposed as an active space with the capacity to inform and at the same time excite everyone who visits it.