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The Iberians, their traces and the Castle of La Muela

The Iberians populated the Serranía Valenciana mountains, locating their cities on heights that afforded them protection from animals and humans. On the mountainous La Muela rock, which towers over the present-day village, stood what the Romans called a medium-sized oppidum, that is, a fortified castle inhabited by some six hundred people from which the valley was controlled, the Castillo de la Muela.

The current site makes it possible to walk around the perimeter of the settlement, admire a part of the wall, locate their ancient houses, learn about the resources with which they fed and lived and enjoy the views that allowed them to control the flow of animals and humans through the territory.

The understanding of their way of life is complemented by an ad hoc exhibition at the Big History Centre with remains of those settlers and the recreation of Iberian pottery by local craftsmen.