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The Romans and the Visigothic world

The Romans appeared in the Serranía Valenciana from the 2nd century BC onwards. As remnants of their stay in the lands of Aras de los Olmos, we have some of their roads, which went through this territory in search of the mining and agricultural resources of the area and, above all, a rich variety of remains of household goods and work tools (ceramic vessels, objects of clothing, stone mills, loom weights, lead ingots,…), whether for productive tasks, the seasoning of food or defensive or military tasks, coins in the form of denarii, sestertii or aces…

And, without interruption, the Visigothic world and the introduction of Christianity in these lands whose traces we can also enjoy thanks to the magnificent Archaeological Collection “Francisco Moreno Mesas” of the Ecomuseum of Aras de los Olmos.