Big History




The great challenges of the future - Sustainable economy

Big History


Tourism is not only leisure and fun, it is also knowledge. In this field, the Big History Centre has a lot to offer: a rich historical, artistic and cultural heritage, an interesting leisure and educational offer, an environmental setting of unquestionable quality and a framework of tranquility and hospitality characteristic of the traditional country life of rural mountain villages.

The Astronomical Observatories, the Planetary Los Ojos de Hipatia, the Etnobotanical Garden, the House of the Losillasaurus, the Ecomuseum, the Castle of La Muela, the Moorish Orchards, his Historical Centre, the RutalTec Hub, the new energy production facilities, the mountains and their forest mass, the river Turia, …  come together to provide opportunities for a better understanding of our life and our world.

Today, Aras de los Olmos, so near and yet so far away, is committed to the development of sustainable tourism experiences that guarantee an adequate integration of tourism with society and the local environment.