Big History




Wolda Awards (Worldwide Logo Design Anual)

The logo of the Big History Center for scientific and environmental dissemination of Aras de los Olmos designed by Nereida Tarazona Belenguer has been awarded the bronze medal of the 2022 Worldwide Logo Design Anual (Wolda).

The Worldwide Logo Design Anual is an annual contest that rewards the best logo and brand designs in the world and in which designers, agencies and studios from all over the world participate. Conceived as a stimulus to promote excellence in visual communication, Wolda is made up of several of the most important and prestigious international design associations.

The jury in charge of deciding these awards is made up of all the designers who participate in the contest, with a voting system that prevents more than one vote per contestant. The organizers thus intend that the winning logos faithfully represent the criteria of the professionals. The winning works are published in an annual catalog sponsored by more than one hundred graphic design associations around the world.