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Welcome to the Big History’s Environmental Blog. 

One of the main objectives of our Centre is to strengthen ecological awareness in our society. For some time now, environmental problems have ceased to be problems and damage confined to very specific territories and spaces and have become a cause for global alarm.

Our planet will not be able to withstand much longer the pressure of so many factors that not only pollute, but also alter and damage the natural balance. The latest scientific reports and the resolutions of countless international organisations, including the UN, indicate that, if this situation is not reversed, our planet could collapse within a few decades.

It is necessary and urgent to change our way of living and acting on the planet and, to this end, the first step is to achieve a firm awareness among citizens and governments. This Blog that we are starting today is dedicated to this objective.

We hope to bring together in it all those contributions – news, reflections, illustrations ,… – which, in the service of the environmental cause, provide information and quality proposals of all kinds, especially those related to rural areas and, more specifically, to the Serranía Valenciana and our closest environment, the villages of Alto Turia and Aras de los Olmos.

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