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World Wetlands Day

World Wetlands Day


Ana María Pujante Mora

World Wetlands Day is celebrated on 2 February to commemorate the signing of the Ramsar Convention. The Convention on Wetlands is a treaty that provides the framework for the conservation and wise use of wetlands and their resources. It was adopted in the Iranian city of Ramsar in 1971 and entered into force in 1975. Since then, almost 90% of UN member states from all geographic regions of the world have joined the treaty.

In the Valencian Community we are fortunate to have 6 wetlands that are part of the Ramsar Convention:

Albufera de Valencia

The direct benefits provided by wetlands are:

  • Revive biodiversity
  • Replenish and filter water supply
  • Store carbon
  • Blunt the impact of floods and storms
  • Improve livehoods
  • Boost eco-tourism
  • Enhance well-being

It’s time for wetland restoration is the slogan chosen this year to celebrate Wetlands Day, as these ecosystems are disappearing at three times the rate of forests. Therefore, the use of good wetland practices is essential for their restoration:

  • Restore multiple benefits
  • Develop a restoration plan
  • Involve the community
  • Address the causes of degradation
  • Restore native flora and fauna
  • Clean up the degraded area
  • Structure access to the wetland

This year the Ramsar Convention has launched a campaign inviting individuals, organisations and companies to submit their project proposals aimed at contributing to healthier wetlands by promoting their conservation, restoration or improved management. Proposals can be submitted until 2 March and the winning initiative will receive €10,000.