Big History




The origins of the Universe

imagen Observatorio  Big History

Big History Observatory

The Center’s Astronomical Observatory stands majestically as an emblematic element of the Big History complex. A tower of more than ten meters houses the T-40 cm or RC-400 mm telescope with EQ8-R mount, GSO Ritchey-Crétien optical tube and a dome of 4 meters of equatorial diameter. This sophisticated instrument will allow to carry out investigations such as the study of exoplanets through photometry techniques, the monitoring and monitoring of the brightness of asteroids and comets, the analysis of the behavior of variable stars and supernovae and the recording of stellar occultations produced by smaller bodies of the Solar System. In this way, the T40 of Big History is an excellent instrument for advanced Pro-Am research and as an auxiliary telescope for professionals and academics will be able to carry out their research in search of new knowledge about the universe that surrounds us.

The Observatory can also be visited by small groups of people to make a formative dive or, at least, enjoy an astronomical experience during which to scan the depths of the cosmic ocean or, simply, let yourself be carried away by the imagination of the infinity that surrounds us.